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Stu's Front Room are lifelong friends Stuart Phillips and Mark Suttle. "We started playing guitar in the front room of Stu's parents house when we were teenagers sometime back in the 80's. After a fantastic 10 years or so playing together in the magnificent punk band that was Strange But True, we returned to the more familiar sounds of acoustic 80s pop and rock."


Stu's Front Room started out as an acoustic covers band playing at pubs and bars in their home town of Chelmsford, UK. In 2014 they released their debut studio album of original songs called "Someone Told Me". The album was recorded in Mark's home studio and mastered by legendary mastering engineer Peter Maher (U2, Snow Patrol, Katy Perry, Rolling Stones).


The process of recording the first album generated a wealth of new song ideas and in 2015 SFR embarked on the recording of their second album "Handful of Home". Song writing is split almost evenly between the two on this album with Stu delivering his trademark lyrics and humour, which is most evident in the last song on the album "Dodged a Bullet". Mark on the other hand has drawn his inspiration from a disaster which hit the family home early in 2015.


The album was once again recorded in Mark's home studio with a noticeable improvement in the tone, structure and balance of the tracks. Mark's prog rock influences can clearly be heard on tracks such as "Purple Autumn" and "Beyond the Waterfall". The duo were also delighted that Pete Maher returned to master their latest project, to give it that professional polish it deserved.


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